Monday, December 10, 2007

Crossborders Turned One

Crossborders celebrated turning the big O (as in ONE) on the 22nd of last month.
In lieu of their mini birthday bash, sponsors by the likes of Lee were recruited to provide the gleeful crowd with some uber-cool freebies. There was also ample media coverage present (Channel V AMP & 8tv). I remember them clearly, having clobbered my skull on one of their video cameras.

All present that night were in for an edgy eclectic mix. Not sticking to the general rule of 'what works', the organizers had four diverse acts share one stage.. and the crowd loved it.

First up were the quirky Nintendo and Atari console fiddlers,1-800-DRACULA, creating a truly eyebrow raising brand of music that is, I believe, the result of a necessary mix of creativity, ingenuity, and wtf-were-u-thinking??! (In a good way...said with a smile..:))

A packed Laundry is a happy Laundry..

The host for the night was the eternally vivacious Rina Omar, who did a fabulous job of keeping the crowd in a permanent state of arousal with her sharp-witted, chatty banter.

The Deserters were the first band of the night. Having recently undergone a little line-up reshuffling (see Bobo!), they are back in top form to bedazzle the crowd with their jangly indie-pop.

And then.. there was The Observatory from Singapore!
I had previously never heard of them.. and apparently I am the only uncool one in school. Because everyone.. like EVERYONE was all about The Observatory that night.
Here to pimp their 3rd album called A Far Cry from Here, they were deliciously melancholic and electronic all at once.
I did however, feel that they looked terribly uncomfortable onstage.

And closing the night.. was local scene veterens Seven Collar T-shirt. What is there left to say about this band that has not already been said before? Famous for their stellar performances (check their 10th Anniversary jig), they played a set that did not fail to impress. I quite like the few new tracks they premiered that night.. but I am still mildly annoyed at not having heard anything whatsoever coming from that drum machine thingy.

Jeff of Prana & Laguna manning the sound..

Can someone please feed the Hamster?

Kelvin!(TAG meastro, photographer extrodinaire, Wong Kar Wai fan & bah kut teh aficionado)& friend

Ronnie and friend making slutty faces at me. Cam Whores...=p

April & friends.

Happy happy people..

Eddy Lim and friend

Deep and friend looking a tad off color in this shot. Too magenta? Hmmm...

More updates on FlyFm's recent do. Soon.
And this Thursday! Mistletoe Madness!

Must come ok? See you there.

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