Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mistletoe Madness!!

It was a night of mad holiday fun, early Christmas cheer and good music. Only thing missing, was the mistletoes. Ha Ha!

Mailer Daemon from Down Under was back in Laundry to set the decks alight! Together with our ever-sexy resident DJ Nesh, they kept the crowd bopping throughout the night.

The night opened up with the Japanese Bonyari Band and their kooky compositions. They manipulated an array of instruments; some familiar, some funnily odd; weaving a truly impressive musical soundscape that was highlighted by the girl vocalist's voice.

The Rebel Scum then hopped on; injecting a little urban aggression into the night. They appeared to be an on all out sonic assault, having enlisted the guest vocals of a couple of their buddies; including the ever fabulous Lady Dee.

Republic of Brickfields! Ever a fun act; these stage veterans received the best reception that night. Clad in their trademark yellow, red and green; they entertained the crowd with their feel good reggae tunes.. that were apparently so feel good for a certain young lady, it compelled her upon the stage to show all of Laundry some saucy dance moves!
A little bonus for the boys that night I suppose. Tsk tsk.

Adorable little baby!

There was a lot of hair.. everywhere:)

And a lot of dancing!

Last up was Canadian beatboxer Shamik and MC Vandal. It was evident that most of the crowd had turned up for Republic of Brickfields, and things got a tad awkward when people started leaving.
However, the man with the mouth worked his magic and managed to successfully compel the crowd to stay and witness his beatboxing finesse.
As always, Vandal impressed with his freestylin.

Merry Christmas people!
Have a good one!
Peace & Love

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Anonymous said...

hi! haizal from the otherside orchestra...just want to let u know that im no longger auburn keyboardist..hihi..thanks

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