Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fly Fm Campur Chart December

December starts off with a bang with FlyFm Campur Chart once again flooding Laundry Bar with masses of people!
Cheeky rapper Doul, reggae loving Sasi the Don and aviator rockers Bittersweet took the stage one after another, and the crowd loved it all!

Doul was first up. He had his two nephews on hand with some back up vocals and a few sexy grooves. I suppose much of his appeal lies in his ability to connect with the crowd and crack cheeky one liners that is bound to put a smile on one's face. Of course, being able to sing and rap was a given.

And then it was Sasi the Don who opened up his set with 'Give Thanks to Jah'.
Belting out a couple of reggae influenced tunes, the Don interacted with the crowd in fluent Malay. Midway through his set, the Don invited a friend up onstage. I couldn't really hear any of his vocals, but I must say the boy could move!

Last up was the definite crowd puller of the night. These boys have been going from strength to strength in popularity lately. Don't believe me, check their shows and the rabid aviator and skinny jean wearing following that plaster themselves right at the forefront of the stage, screaming along to every song.

Their lead vocalist was on top form that night. Somewhere into the set, he leap frogged onto the barricade, igniting many a scream.

Check the macho men of FlyFm executing some crowd control. Ha Ha Ha!

There were complaints regarding Laundry not opening up it's doors for all to enter that night... well boys and girls. You know we only have your best interest in mind. Don't want non of you lovelies collapsing from lack of oxygen and too much rock music la.

We've got a New Years Eve Extravaganza coming up for you guys! Don't miss it!

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