Saturday, December 01, 2007

Juke Joint Jupiter

It was Juke Joint Jupiter last Thursday. A night that promised good ol' blues, soul and rock & roll.

Things were kept straight up and dirty, during Triple 6 Posers set. Having been described as music to strip your clothes off to, the boys set the stage a fire with sizzling sexuality that oozed testosterone.
Their music is definitely not for the self-righteous.

Next up was Majesty. I missed their set, having been waylaid at the little girls room. Judging from the mass of young, nubile bodies congregated at the front of the barricade, I am assuming that they were every bit as good as word about town stipulates they are.

And then there was Curtis Blues Review. Characterized by soulful melodies and funky grooves, this band sets new standards for the scene; in that heavier isn't always necessarily better.
Their smooth sounds get panties twisted just as effectively!

Eddy of Triple 6 Poser hopped onstage with his harmonic and dazzled us all with the things he can do with that mouth of his.

Last up was the always insane Deja Voodoo Spells who is fast becoming a Laundry favourite!
Never failing to entice half of the Klang Valley into Laundry's dark recesses, this three piece band comprising of stellar musicians put up a show that didn't fail to impress.

I'm not going to post up all the crowd shots I took. Waaaay too many many.
Here are some for your viewing.

Mr Martin Beins..

Rita Santiago & friend

Simon of Borneo Ink & Gerry (?)

The cute keyboardist in Auburn and the chick with the crazy extensions:)

Two of the Posers, Julia, Izuan & friend

Henry feigning bad boy ness..

Joanne & her shot.. soon to be consumed..

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uzair sawal said...

the guy also in another cool band; the otherside orchestra. and the girl, that's jasmine; the vocalist of moms on strike.

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