Thursday, November 29, 2007


It was a back to back, two consecutive nights of blistering hip hop courtesy of Austrian rapper Day Diz and the man from down under, DJ Simon Sez!

Friday night saw Day Diz giving the crowd a short, blistering, in your face teaser of his upcoming album that left the crowd wanting more!

Having shared the stage with the likes of 50 Cent and Coolio, the man graciously signed autographs for fans after the set.

He also taught me the best, possibly most effective pick up line!
"Hie.. I'm a rapper, I'm famous, f**k me!" Guys take note. I'm already considering quitting my day job. Ha ha! :)

Saturday night had the dance floors heating up with DJ Simon Sez on the decks.
Our much adored weekend resident DJ Nesh warmed things up earlier in the night.

Some shots of him hard at work..

And then DJ Simon Sez took over; living up to his mad DJ reputation, he brought the house down with a mix of hits and lesser known anthems.

Some of the people who turned up..

More updates coming your way! Don't forget tonight! Juke Joint Jupiter!
See you!

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