Friday, November 02, 2007

The Hell Gates of Laundry, Explored.

Laundry's Fright Night was all about ghost and ghouls, fake blood and teeth, hooker heels and fishnets!

Dj Daryll was on hand to serve up some absolutely evvviill tracks to all Laundry patrons who were up for a little chills and thrills.
The vocal distortion he kept abusing the whole night had him sounding like the undertaker gone microphone happy. Nice touch though!

There were cute little pumpkins scattered around the place..

And ridiculously 'terrifying' gravesites such as this! Ha ha!

Let's review all the people who came..and there were many! All dressed up to the nines.
Yuri and Khai Lee who kept running around asking if we dug hairy guys...ewwwww

There were a lot of wicked witches prowling around Laundry that night. I spy a bunny!

All the staff were dressed freaky as well. It made for a little confusion cause really. Who are u?? I can't recognise anyone!!

Oh that black clothed jar the dood on the right is holding was Laundry's trick or treat thingy. Greedy sweet grabbers were in for a surprise however, cause what was in there was disgusting! Warm, slimy and slothlike. Go figure.

You see!!

Vandal, EeKin and friends sweating it out on the dance floor..

When I first saw this sight, I truly thought it was a mannequin. And then it started smiling. Eek!

Can you guess which is the live dood and which is a prop?

Miss Laundry as Puss in Boots gone terribly bad.

Bobo and friend.

I heard somewhere that Halloween was an excuse for chicks to dress up as hoes..(Meangirls was it?) Well, these few lovely ladies had it all spiced up in their fishnets and pvc shorts!

Guys can now roll their tongues back in their heads..

Solomon & friend

I think the tv headed dood won the prize of a bottle of Smirnoff that night. Not too sure though.

And lastly, a shot of our beloved GM and a lovely lady friend!

And that was Laundry's Fright Night!
Will be back soon with more updates!


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