Saturday, November 03, 2007

FlyFm's Campur Chart Brought The Madness

I don't know what was in the air that day, or which gods of rock FlyFm prayed to, but it was pure f'kin insanity last Thursday!
People were streaming into Laundry early in the night, eager to secure their spots. Initially, my thoughts were, "oh.. how nice. It's going to be packed today."
Later on in the night, when Hujan began setting up, my thoughts shifted to "Oh GOD. How did it get so PACKED??!!"
People were standing on sofas and chairs, craning their necks for a view of the stage. The sliding glass doors had to be shut as Laundry could not accommodate all the people that were clamoring to get in!

With Nor debuting a kitschy new helmet-do, Hujan opened the night to the craziest reception ever! They are seriously starting to cultivate a cult following that not only knows all the lyrics to their songs, but show their earnest support by donning the Hujan t-shirts. FYI, those t-shirts are, I believe, retailing at 25 ringgit:)

Next up was Ahli Fiqir! I don't believe there were many hiphop lovers in the crowd that night, but the energy was running crazy high and everyone appeared game to support the local artists that were entertaining that night.

Mawar Berduri (?) was all slinky moves and powerhouse vocals..

Partying it up with two enthusiastic fans..

Last up! Deja Voodoo Spells! Their set that night, was capable of inducing dick explosions for all hard rock lovers. The guitar sound was incendiary, the songs were intense, and the drummer was a madman!

Here's a shot of the drummer early in the set..

And then it started to get a little heated..

Before he totally OWNED that drumset..hooo yeah

Here's a shot of him posing with a friend trying to look as badass as possible. Ha Ha!

Carol & Alini

Bobo & his buddies..

He he..

Aru complete with vulgar finger gestures & friend:)

Totally awesome, terribly tiring night.
Want some more?
See you next Thursday!

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