Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's Been Awhile..

...since there last was a Project Bazooka gig here at Laundry Bar... and how we've missed them!!

Especially missed were their super hot young chick emcees! Yuri and gang have definitely found the perfect formula to kick start the night:)

First band were grunge rockers Madhouse, proving once again that grunge still runs strong in the veins of Generation X youths. There were quite a number of their supporters in the crowd that night sporting Nirvana t-shirts and the like.

The always superb Auburn had a little treat in store for their fans that night in the form of a very cute and spunky vocalist who came on for a song or two. Their set that night was unrivaled in its enchanting musical sensitivities.

Last up was They Will Kill Us All. It was quite evident that they were 'the' band everyone was waiting for that night. Walking around I heard quite a few people telling their friends not to leave till TWKUA'S set was over.
Check out the many faces of their vocalist who is cute as a button!

Face 1..

Face 2..

Face 3...

Here's a shot of EeKin & Sheena attempting to look happysexy... I don't think they succeeded particularly well. Heh Heh.

Nonoy, Mel & friend

Eddy of Triple6Poser (who'll be playing in Laundry soon), Din of Estranged, and the vocalist of Stonebay (who's name I can't remember.. hehe)

Mamak & Batak

Izmir & Jack

Yuri with a red face :)

Awrittee. See you guys at Crossborders tomorrow night!

Peace out!

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afzal said...

aiya...where's this month Crossborder flyers?


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