Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Moonshine Master Brought Laundry Furniture

Not furniture 'furniture' per say..
but the band.. the one with the spacey ambient sounds. Yes.. that post-rock act that has previously been seen here in Laundry before, though quite some time ago I think.

Singer-songwriter Sei Hon popped onstage to kickstart the night with a mellow but witty set.
He initially gave me the impression of sounding nice but mediocre (no offense, I'm not big on nice hehe), but after paying a leetle bit more attention, I realized that Sei Hon's songs ooze with lyrical wit that puts a smile on ones face. A big smile.

Rendra Zawawi was next. And he brought back up in the form of Justin (of Naked Breed), Alda (local bandwhore..hee!) and a few others whose name I don't know.
Apparently he's a preety established songwriter, but I've never heard of him, which is a waste though, cause he is really good!

And then there was the always incendiary Auburn that ripped into their set with their beautifully layered guitar sounds.
I think they sound like Sunnyday Real Estate. Do you think so too?

And finally... there was the aforementioned Furniture! Headed by Ronnie, it was evident that a lot of the crowd was there to witness the return of local post-rock up and comers.

The people..

April and John!

Cheers to another rocking Thursday!

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