Saturday, August 04, 2007

July Rocks to a Close With Crossborders!

It was the last week of July, marking the end of the first half of year 2007. Another month closer to the end of a year. The potential to sink into premature year end blues ran high, but Crossborders threw a gig to counter all potential negativity.
Three acts. Teenage Glory For The Wasted, The Rhaman and March Twelve (Singapore).

Teenage Glory For The Wasted eased the crowd into the night with their post-rockish tunes. Ambient and spacey with a hint of psychedelia, they attempted to craft a visual-auditory experience with colorful blinky lights that accompanied them onstage.

Inspired by the groovy sounds of the 60s and the raw emotions of youth in the 90s, The Rhaman croon their tunes in our local tongue so as to distinguish themselves from all their internationally influenced counterparts...

Their sassy front woman Yuyun!

Melodic indie rock music that touch on human relations; whether they be good or bad or it be love or hate. The message that shines through in each of their songs is one of earnest positivity and raw unabashed passion.

The people!

Four lovely ladies dressed up in white..

Kruba, Shahril and friend..


Updates on FlyFm's Campur Chart soon!

Stay tuned!

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