Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fly Fm Campur Chart Live In The Month Of August!

August started off with a big bang with Fly Fm's Campur Chart!
The promised acts were K-Town Clan, They Will Kill Us All and Nitrus, however, the Fly Crew sprung a surprise act on us called Six String Samurai (The Six String Samurai? 6string Samurais? I'm not sure. Someone enlighten me please?)

Nehoos, here are some of the boys striking poses by Laundry's massive graffiti-ed wall.

Six String Samurai

K-Town Clan

Our uber macho DJ Nesh


Opening the night was the always rocking They Will Kill Us All. Having played at Laundry on a number of different occasions, these boys were back with their distinctive melodies and jangly guitars that transitioned into blistering, head rush inducing distortions.

The vocalist experienced a little mishap when his microphone got disconnected from the cable upon him leaping with full gusto off the stage.
I found it amusing how for the longest time.. he didn't notice.
Yes. I am mean that way.

Next up was the surprise act, Six String Samurai.
I've never heard of them prior to that night..and what they do sound like, is a rather eccentric take on Fall Out Boy and Greenday, that has been injected with incendiary guitar shredding for optimum impact.

Cheeky hip hoppers K-Town Clan then hopped onstage, calling upon the beautiful ladies to volunteer their smoking selves to be serenaded to. Their set was tongue-in-cheek and entertaining, with the boys successfully endearing themselves to the crowd with every track.

With Priscilla! The smoking hot volunteer one of the boys pulled onstage!

Btw.. for all present that night, if your girlfriend breaks up with you, what you say is not "F**k you, b***h!"
Take a tip from the K-Town Clan boys.. saying "Whatever" will save you a lot of pain, and prevent a lot of bloodshed.

Last up was the super loved up band Nitrus. Their entire set was devoted to the magical four letter word. L-O-V-E.
Serving up two popular covers, one being The Cure's Lovesong and another which I cannot remember, these boys had their fans pogo-ing throughout the duration of their set.

Wokeh.. that about sums up that night. For all you lovers of Butterfingers, FlyFm's Campur Chart will be bringing them to Laundry next month!

Don't miss it!

P.s: Laundry Music Volume: 3 is this Saturday people!

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