Thursday, July 26, 2007

Penang Invades Laundry!

The anticipated Penang invasion was finally upon us.
The natural reaction was to flee as fast as humanly possible in the opposite direction.. but Penang's close association to yummy goodies such as Penang Laksa, Tou Sar Pheah and Char Kwai Teow kept us all strong and curious to see what delicacies Penang had to offer for our auditory pleasures.

As always, Project Bazooka had enlisted to services of a smoking hot chick emcee, thereby starting the night off on a very easy on the eyes note.

Two Sides To A Story. Having previously performed at Laundry for FlyFm's Campur Chart, these Penangites were every bit as entertaining and tight as the last time I had the pleasure to catch them live.

Next up was Poseidon. I never knew these boys were from Penang! Their set comprised of several cover songs, one of them being the very emotive and generally overplayed Last Kiss, which they managed to do justice to.

Ocean of Fire put a smile on my face. These very enthusiastic lads play their instruments like machines. Overly technical guitar shredding usually bores me to tears, but these boys somehow manage to do that and still entertain!

The people!

Ivan and Nesh

Peace & Love!

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