Thursday, February 22, 2007

Single's Traffic Light Party

Project Bazooka last week provided a Valentine's spin-off for those who hold the view that Valentine's Day is another consumer driven money making sham out to exploit those stricken blind, deaf and dumb by love. I know Valentine's Day is long over and forgotten with, but here's a little residue V Day joy to further irk all you sour grapes:)

It was a Traffic Light Party...


DRESS IN GREEN = I’m available. It’s quite straightforward. Go for it.
DRESS IN ORANGE = Hurry up! Faster! Time is running out!
DRESS IN RED = Break the rules… wink
DRESS IN PURPLE = I’m “Grimace”, from McDonald’s, not Barney, or Brinjaw.

Well.. I've never known of Traffic Light Parties to exist, but I like parties:)

Anyhoos, Kluk Kluk Adventure were initially set to play alongside Bittersweet and Lightcraft. However, their vocalist suffered a bout of laryngitis (did I spell that right??) and they had to pull out. Despite the initial dissapointment for Kluk Kluk fans, everything turned out peachy nonetheless with Ask Me Again taking their place and delivering straight up their catchy, alternative indie rock tunes!

Hmmm.. it says on their myspace that they sound like "trying to stand up after a car accident, with a bleeding head". Personally I think they sound more like hamsters on cotton candy racing on a ferris wheel:)

Next up was Lightcraft!
This 6 man band have an EP out called The Modern Seasons. Go check out their myspace to find out where you can score yourself one whether or not you're into indie-Brit tunes, cause these boys are definitely a band you want to watch out for!

And then there was Bittersweet!
Hailing from Ipoh, Perak, this super-stylo Brit-pop sounding band are in the midst of their A Perfect Tour all around Malaysia!
I've never seen so many people bobbing their heads in Laundry prior to their set that night. I think that much of their appeal stems from the fact that they're able to gracefully blend gritty rocking and rolling tunes with glam shades and pop-py lyrical wit. Very very fun to watch:)

All the luvlies who came...

I like big butts and I cannot lie.. hee hee.. If I'm not wrong, that's Kit of Silent Scenery's cute tushie on the left:)


Ok, I gotta bounce. Catch all of you at Laundry tonight!!

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