Sunday, February 18, 2007

Brain in Love!!!

I have come to the conclusion that Valentine's Day is the lover's equivalent of a Merdeka's Day, with Red being the color of love.
Roses and wine seduction artilleries...Heart's the casualties, and Love the cause of celebration.

There were so many people out canoodling with their bottles of wine and little tea candles it was insane!! Like..where did all these couples crawl out from?? Even the highways were jam with eager couples on the way to the Curve! Standing lost in a sea of too-cute looking couples gazing into each other's eyes over their tiramisu's I felt a tad lost. So I skipped over to Laundry, plonked myself down by the bar, and sought to be put back on the right track with a glass of wine:)

Ahh.. here's a shot of a cute pair about to enjoy a nice dinner.

Check out the red tablecloth, candles and flower petals! What meticulous attention to detail!:)
The rest of Laundry was decked out in oh-so-sultry red and black, with heart balloons floating around, bloated with the promise of romance.

It was the first of Laundry's annual Singles Valentines, and there were 100 free, yummy Smirnoff cocktails to be given out to the first 100 singles who turned up. Upon arriving, the ladies were given little locks and the men little keys. The lucky few who managed to find their other half with the correct lock-key match got free booze!

And now for pictures of some of the hotties who came..

The night started off at a slow and sensual pace, but quickly picked up and then it was partay all the way for the rest of the night!
Sexy duo Justin and Krishna took to the stage later in the night to accompany the DJ with their percussions!

Here's a shot of Su and myself. I like her top and wanted to rip it off her back all night. Su is a sweetheart cause she helped me snap pictures:)

Nesh and Krishna bonding on stage.

More Justin and Krishna..

Hee hee.. this picture cracks me up.

Anyhoos.. that more or less sums up Laundry's Singles Valentines.
I think initially some people were a little self-conscious being at a 'singles' party. But after that ridiculous notion was shed everyone just let loose and had fun:)

Orite. I'll be back with more updates on Project Bazooka. Soon.
Happy Chinese New Year!!

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