Saturday, July 29, 2006

Superbar - 1, Isaac & Friends - 2

Don't get sensitive okay
What i mean from the title is
Superbar had one set
And the latter had two


I didn't forget about the fan of money last Thursday night
But as i was snooping around, Little Miss Laundry Lady offered me a glass of red wine and i lost my sense of smell


See the dirty little tricks they have up their sleeves *shakes head*

Other people had tricks i'd never witnessed before as well
Not to say that singing is a trick, but... hell, i say its a trick when you pose as someone else during the day time

It's like having this perception in your head the whole time that this monkey only knew how to eat bananas

Then suddenly you catch him chopping open a durian and making ice cream with it (ref: Chak)

I kept on getting the first band's name wrong
"What's the name?"
"Oh okay."

One hour later:
"Shit, what's the name again?"
"Ah, ok ok."

Two days later on the phone:
"Hey, it's Spacebar right?"
"..... it's SUPERBAR!"
"Oops, luckily i called you."

So Superbar consists of Chak, Suren, Sen Kiat, Bala & Dinesh
According to them, they've been together for about three years

See the angst on that face?
I say editorial angst cos Chak is the New Man editor
And being editor of a mag like that... well i'm sure he has to deal with alot

Pottering around, i spotted Oxygen editor John Leong as well
He's either utterly bored or utterly intoxicated
Or probably just tired
But heck, tired also masih can pose for the camera with that nonchalant i'm-looking-at-something-important-at-the-side look

In the white cap is Oxygen photographer Vincent Paul Yong
He takes amazing pictures yo

In red is designer Thresa and friend

In blue is writer Shah & friends (sorry... forgot their names sial!)
Shah used to write for Eh! mag
Then he moved to Cosmopolitan
Then now... i'm not sure

Isaac & Friends had two sets that night due to their popularity

The Suckball lads - James and Louis
James obviously knows how to pose and block half his wingman's face in the photo
Yeah, James is admittedly quite hot
Unfortunately he's flying back to England this Tuesday so you won't be seeing him at Laundry if you were planning to stalk him

Designer Kevin, IT dude Gareth aka ShaolinTiger, uber mature Kim, and newly appointed associate editor of Junk - Adlin Rosli



soraya barakbah said...

whos playing this comin thursday?

KinkyPugKevin said...

wooot wooooott

Anonymous said...

your chinese lookin manager is veeeeeeery hoooooootttttt... i am coming every thursday just to seeee him ;)

soraya barakbah said...

weyhh.. whos playin tmrwwww

laundry bar said...

Thursday 3rd August DEEP LAUNDRY PROJECT Jungle Jerry / Nicky C / Krshna / Justin.

10-12pm, free entry

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