Friday, July 21, 2006

A Couple, A Sofa Session & Some Action!

Ahh Thursday nights.
The night where Laundry is favoured and Ghetto Heaven is passe.

If you didn't already know, Thurs nights are popular for their live band action at Laundry
Sorry *looks back up at post title*
Live band action
No public copulating on sofa action, yeah?

Luckily World Cup is over
So no more hassling for seats with mouth-agape footie fans

Project Bazooka took it upon themselves to put up two bands

First band to go was Couple, comprising Aidil, Hana, Ojoe & Ihsan

Doesn't he look like Mickey Mouse? Heh.

I loved it last night
Just a nice number
Every table was taken up
But there was still space at the bar (soddof)
And thank God, space to walk around without getting shoved over

Ariff, Shahril and Shahriz A E (Aie)

Even the outdoor area was crowded

Guess who were there too?!

The Bass Agents ;)

I think it's my first time seeing them there
Didn't think it was their type of hangout (not shady enough for them haha)
But seeing them there... i guess everyone's really taking to the place

Why is your jug empty? More, i say, more!

Besides the DJs...

And what post would be complete without a shot of some chicas?

There's also money laundering going on here...

Nah, i doubt it

Maybe its to randomly give out to regular patrons to buy them drinks...

Well, i'll be spying on what they do with that little fan of money next time
Imagine the whiff that comes out when you use it

Come spy with me next Thursday ;)


khailee said...


Heineken's money! Goes to the musicians and sound engineers! I swear *innocent face*

So... if you have a band, or know bands who are tight, whose live performance can really engage an audience, you'll get paid for it!

Interested? Click here to drop me a line

Laundry is THE place to play!

laundry bar said...

WE love our little fairy...
Wicked job Kinks !!!!

miss laundry

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