Thursday, September 30, 2010

Klub Pong

Remember how we used to play ping pong in school? You might think that it's geeky but it's the new geek-chic thing to do! Even celebrities swear by this! (Pssst, Damon Albarn is a fan). The ping pong craze is set to sweep the trendy capitals all around the world, from London to Berlin to New York to Singapore and it's finally coming down to Kuala Lumpur this October only at Laundry! Come to play ping pong with us and have a fking great time with your friends, families, colleagues, lovers, exes, enemies, absolutely anyone because ping pong is fun!

We'll also start the registration online soon for our main tournament in December when you can dress up to your wildest imagination (we know you want to) and play against other teams and win really awesome prizes! So you better start flexing those muscles and start your hawk eye training at Laundry. There will only be 32 teams (of 3), so watch out for the registration date!

And don't forget, Laundry has the BEST, HAPPIEST hour deals in town!

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