Wednesday, August 04, 2010

R Records presents Angie Lym & Nadhira. (5th August 2010)

As you all know, R Records is coming up tomorow.
Just to give you all a lil heads up on our performers.

Angie Lym

''Im a crazy, absent-minded & extremely lively singer/songwriter. I would love to just escape and be a hippie in the mountains and jump like a monkey with ma guitars! I'm comfortable being myself and I am what I am. I'm obsessive. I'm compulsive. I'm possessive. I'm secretive. I'm expressive. I'm dynamic. I'm sensitive. I'm romantic. I'm passionate. I'm shy. I'm snarky. I'm a dreamer... a serious dreamer. I believe that every accomplishment starts with a dream. And every dream is built on strength, faith, and courage. So homies... dare to dream! BE A DREAMER and let your dreams explode. Don't let them dry up like that old raisin in the sun. You won't get there by just hoping, wishing, and waiting. *bah*''



''Nadhira, a local girl bred in the international world, finally has a place to call home, Kuala Lumpur. With influences from her Classical piano background combined with Rock and Soul, she brings her own flavor and taste with the unique sounds of her mesmerizing vocals & tunes. ''

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