Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April 2010 Artiste of the Month


Monsoon Records Presents Diandra Arjunaidi

Look forward to see Diandra Arjunaidi, the new kid on the block in the singer-songwriter scene. The bedroom songstress got her big break after being discovered on Youtube by local musicians. She has since then played at several Moonshine gigs, and has been featured on local indie music webshow, The Wknd Sessions.

Despite plans of taking things slow to focus on college, Diandra hasn’t been able to do so. A hype got in the way and her fanbase is constantly growing. She continues to charm the audience with her jazz and folk laced acoustic pop tunes.

Check her out at www.facebook.com/diandraarjunaidi

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Anonymous said...

Venue: Laundry (The Curve)
Time: 11.00 p.m.
Staff involve: Damian (manager)

I am quite disappointed with the service provided in Laundry and feel uncomfortable with the way the manager handle such situation.

well, everything in Laundry is good, nice music nice atmosphere and etc.
However, due to the miscommunication and misunderstood with the waitress, the manager handle us uncomfortably

Suppose the promotion is: order 2 buckets Heineken at the same time will get discount RM30 for the bill.

1st, this term & condition didn't written in any of the hard copy nor told by the waitress. Our friends came lately, thus we asked the waitress whether we still entitled for the RM30 discount if we order 1 bucket 1st and order 2nd if we want. Upon that time, the waitress- Rafri nod his head. (This was the 1st misunderstanding)

when the bill came, we realised there wasn't RM30 discount on our 2nd bucket. However, all the item we order is under a single bill. Thus, we found Rafri seek for explanation.

He keep refuse that wrong message he sent to us and do nothing. we frass up and ask the manager to come. Damian is the only manager on that time, after telling him the situation, he refuse and do nothing to us. And this is the part where we felt uncomfortable and even worse on how the manager handle the situation.

We are so shock and felt humiliated when we ask Damian do something and he said he give us RM2 discount without a sorry for the on be half of his staff's miscommunication !! we wonder are this is the way how a manager showed his customer service?

This is extremely bad to said like that to your customers, especially in these situation where a customer felt unsatisfying the services provided by waitress.

To retain your customers loyalty and satisfaction, as a manager should solved in a win-win situation, isn't it?
We are already ordering 2 buckets and it is not a loss for the company if te manager give RM30 discount to our bill as stated in the promotion, instead showed your consideration in the miscommunication of your staff.

I am puzzling with Laundry mission suppose to provide a space for people to escape within a friendly, comfortable environment, but seems the manager didn't take it in his mind. I strongly suggest the manager should re-educated himself and so the staff/waitress for social-skilled and English understanding.

Lastly. i recommend that any term and condition should written together with the promotion given to prevent similar case happen, and recruitment staff should be more focus on the English communication skilled.

We have a bad image on Laundry and most probably we will choose another venue for hanging out.


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