Friday, March 26, 2010

1st Thursday for April with R Records featuring Senoritas

Hot Tamale!!!


Senoritas - a breath of fresh air for Malaysia music industry and to continue the
flame that fellow girl-groups like Elite and Feminin set alight years ago. An embodiment of
youthful obsession with music, dance and fashion, it is hoped that Senoritas as an
independent girl group can inspire fellow girls who aspire to tread in the same path and
show that making it as a top girl group is more than just glitz and glamour: a lot of hard
work, perseverance and strong values of sisterhood is needed. As of today, Senoritas had
made quite a name for themselves in the independent circuit and they continue to give it
their best shot to stay relevant and make a change in the local music scene.
Being new and move independently in local music scene, Senoritas is
enthusiastically expecting for so much more in the future and will definitely give their very
best in their future performances.

Senoritas was formed in early May 2008 when Lynnzay and her business
partner, Zyra Z. realized that local industry lacks of vocal groups with both singing
and dancing skills. With previous experiences as dancers and singers, they have
decided to combine both skills in this yet to be formed group, Senoritas. To add on,
Lynnzay has a talented little sister who is just 16 years old but is also giftedwith
dance skills and powerful voice. Finally, Lynnzay , Zyra Z. and Meera, got together
as a group with a mission to make a difference inthe local music scene. In addition,
their vision is to be one of the artistes that can bring Malaysia’s music worldwide
and definitely to higher level.
They also labeled themselves as flexible performers as they can perform with
instrumental or minus one, acoustic or with a band. They perform songs originally
sang by their influenced artistes such as Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, All Saints
and etcetera for their various performances. They have now begun to perform their
own original songs and so far, the feedbacks from the audience have been indeed
positive. Somehow, they are still in the process to release their own original
Senoritas dare to label themselves as INDEPENDENT artist because they
are their own songs writer and they handle their own showmanship for their
performances which include songs selection, dance routine and wardrobe. They also
come up with their own image and style.
Being independent, aggressive, hip, energetic and urban to the listeners,
Senoritas promises to bring these elements in each and every performance of theirs
and they will definitely give you the most unforgettable, heart-pumping experiences.

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