Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Viva La Brasilia


For one night only catch Brazilian Songstress Betina Ignacio live on the Laundry Stage.

About Bê
Vocalist Bê was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 9 1978, as Betina Ignacio, and is now living in Germany. Daughter of a German emigrant mother and an Afro Brazilian father, she grew up in a very musical environment. Her father was a great fan of "Musica Popular do Brasil" and of all types of Samba. He passionately sang and played percussion whenever there was time. Her mother, who studied art and music, introduced Bê to classical music. At least once a week she fell asleep hearing the sound of the string quartet, which practiced downstairs in the living room. Both parents were working in social professions in the Favela Monte Azul (www.monteazul.org.br) Her aunt Aracy introduced her to the tradition of the Afro Brazilian religion “Candomblé” which to this day Bê holds on to. She became conscious about her wish to focus more and more on music in the year 1999, quit her actress studies and moved from the slums of Sao Paulo’s suburbs directly to Germany. She began to study music at the „Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Stuttgart“ and jobbed as a model. The insight of the world of fashion confirmed further her wish to become a Singer. "In the moment I sing a Song, I want my audience to feel the music, I am detached of everything around me. I am alone with the song. If I see in the eyes of the people that they feel what I feel, that they really get the vibes of the song, I’m completely overwhelmed and I don’t want to get off the stage any more." Bê..s inspirations come from her life. Thus her lyrics are about events that determined her life, small and big feelings, simple everyday experiences as well as thoughts about the meaning of life: "It is the most beautiful thing to watch an idea growing from thoughts, a special feeling or a small melody become a complete song. For me, singing means freedom. On stage, I feel completely free to express whatever I want to.” Impressions and experiences from her life in different conditions in Brazil and Europe made her very sensitive to all kinds of Prejudice, Racism and Intolerance. It is very important for her to be herself and live in the moment. Inspired by the fact that worldwide communication and information has never been so easy, Bê dreams in her song “Samba no Pé” about a new generation with open eyes, hearts and minds, a mixture of all kinds of races and origins, the “Geraçao Mistura Fina”. She sees prejudice and racism between nations, colors, social classes and fights against it. Narrow-mindedness and high-level nagging are driving her crazy. She is conscience of her luck to have had the privilege to live in so many different countries and wishes that everybody would have this chance to extend their horizon and to see things in another light. Paulo Fishberg said about Bê: "She doesn’t need to be shy when compared to Sade. She has, in addition to her outstanding voice and sensual charisma, “the certain something ", the “tempero brasileiro ", which fascinates equally male and female audience.” Her unique style is based on the Brazilian idiom "Com Samba no Pé, e com Pé no Samba", which means "With Samba in your feet you’ll walk through life easily”.

Phew that was a mouthful.

Catch her live FRIDAY 12th MARCH 2010.


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