Friday, January 15, 2010

21st Thursday Its Tokyo Blue / TMTYL

Guys, we ain’t having DLP on the 21st, got sumthin better.

Tokyo Blue 05

TOKYO BLUE (Hiroaki Maekawa, Ywenna Carollin, Joshua Maran)

Brian Kwan (This guy really know alot about Music,he’s a pro)

says ”Coming from different musical backgrounds and music scenes, the music created by the trio is quite diverse and unique. ‘If I have to describe Tokyo Blue’s music, it’s quite rojak, you know,’ describes Maekawa with a laugh. ‘It’s definitely jazz-based but it’s not jazz jazz because we like so many different styles and genres of music. So we try to get good things from different kinds of music for our music.’ Tokyo Blue’s debut album, ‘The Naked Soul’ offers melodious fusion tunes, which might anger jazz purists. ‘I don’t think we’re just a one-genre-only band,’ states Maekawa firmly. ‘We’re not purists. We’re whatever. I think we’ll be a bridge between the indie music and jazz scene in Malaysia.’
With Carollin’s classical influences along with Maran’s rock background and Maekawa’s love for funk, rock and film music, Tokyo Blue’s music is pretty much the type that they love listening to and playing.”

Tokyo Blue was formed in 2008 by bassist Hiroaki Maekawa, pianist Ywenna Carollin and drummer Joshua Maran to compose and perform original instrumental music. Heavily influenced by international artists and composers including Hiromi Uehara, Avishai Cohen, Marcus Miller, Joe Hisaishi and more, Tokyo Blue's music has essences of Jazz, Fusion, Latin, Progressive Rock and even Film music. The trio uses sweet melodies with funky rhythm section and odd meters at times, constantly pushing their limits of jazz writing and improvisation while still keeping the songs melodious and story-full.

While still performing at jazz venues, festivals and private events, Tokyo Blue has recorded their debut album with all originals, which was just released in October 2009. The trio has a distinct sound featuring the adventurous bass playing, aggressive yet sensitive piano and rock solid drum beats. The album also includes variety of tunes that reflect the different sides of their personalities. With the tunes featuring pounding rock riff on piano,mellow fretless bass taking the lead, disco beat with montuno, melodious odd meter piano with double bass, funky latin beats with slap bass and more, Tokyo Blue demonstrates their capabilities to write creative and meaningful tunes, and even to entertain through instrumental music.

Their latest gigs including: Jakarta 'Jazz Goes to Campus' 2009, Penang Jazz festival 2009, and the upcoming Bangkok Jazz Festival ( thailand) 2010

In simple english, these guys are great and changing the perception of the jazz blues scene by mixing it up, don’t miss it, catch them live @ Laundry.



deandavid laura omar

Playing a fresh, new mix of jazz, R&B and soul-tinged music, let 'Apparently' entertain you with their catchy originals and creative covers of tunes you thought you knew!

Joining them are David Ling on keys, Yehuda on guitar, Laura Lim on bass, Omar on drums and Najwa on vocals.


Surrender yourselves to


A Modern Alternative Rock band… whatever that is…

Take Me To Your Leader is a modern alternative rock band formed in 2010.

Comprising of major talents from Malaysia’s very own scene, its members include:

Adil – Guitars

Bone – Vocals

Jack – Bass

Joshua – Drums

Put together by Adil and Bone during hungry times, TMTYL is a newly formed band looking to push musical limits and evoke movement and emotions from their audience. Collectively the members have performed for a wide range of audiences for various shows and events, and each have a loyal following. From Rock The World, NTV 7’s Rock Unite, various battle of the bands, gigs, shows outside of Malaysia. The guys from TMTYL have done a lot, and they’re out to do even more.

Individually, all the members have gained various accomplishments in their current and also former bands.

Adil – Best known for his eclectic playing style and stylish stage presence, and extremely random sense of humor, was part of a band called Afterburn together with Bone, and within a month of the band’s formation they had qualified as finalists for NTV7’s Rock Unite.

Bone – Don’t let his appearances fool you. He’s a rock vocalist bearing a voice with major punch and delivers head spinning performances, has fronted a number of explosive bands including Culture Karma, Afterburn, and currently Pitbull Inc. (who recently performed at Rock The World 9), just to name a few.

Jack – Seasoned veteran of the scene, Jack currently plays for Tempered Mental and Naked Breed. Although an extremely accomplished guitarist, with TMTYL, Jack is exploring the realms of bass this time.

Joshua – Drummer for local bands such as Seven and jazz outfit Tokyo Blue. Joshua is a highly sought after drummer by many bands and acts alike. And yes, his resume is impressive. And with him as the drummer for TMTYL, you can rest assure that his beats will just make everyone groove and rock harder than anything.

With a strong line-up and creative tunes in the works, Take Me To Your Leader is a band to watch out for and will leave every audience wanting more.

Earthlings, you have been warned….

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