Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trial By Ereena

Trial By Ereena brought together Luscious, Polar Attraction and Adil Johan Quartet in one spectacular music extravaganza at Laundry Bar on 15th January 2009. The event featured an eclectic mix of a luscious trio of uber talented songstresses accompanied by a wicked acoustic jazz guitarist, some intense baroque instrumental rock explosion and an amazing closing set by a quartet of musicians consisting of an up-and-coming star saxophonist, keyboardist, bassist, drummer and a guest female vocalist.

Luscious opening the event featuring Alvin on acoustic guitar

Ruzana, with her lovely yellow floral dress, shows that musical talent and good looks can come in a package

From left to right: Eenaz, Ruzana and Nadia

What a surprise! Luscious gets a cute gift of balloons from a host of Laundry Bar

One might expect a guy to be drowned when surrounded by some pretty talented gorgeous women, but Alvin holds his own by showcasing a tight guitar play and vocals solo set

The ever lovely Nadia

Next up, Polar Attraction!

The drummer goes berserk and mercilessly pounds on the drums to maximum effect!

It was far from a cold night when Polar Attraction took the stage by storm with some wicked guitar riffs and lighting quick guitar solos

And here comes the final act of the night... Adil Johan Trio!

It's a rare opportunity to find a super talented jazz with good vocals to boot

An up-and-coming songstress, Anita, came up on stage as a guest vocalist for their next song

It was an entertaining set to watch Anita and Adil duet. You can feel real chemistry between the two and that made the performance that much more authentic, honest and real.

Adil Johan takes a breather in between their sets

Gotta love Adil Johan's rustic vintage-looking saxaphone! Now that's what you call a musical instrument with character.

Adil Johan belts out a wave of impressive vocals

The night ended with a roar of applause and an enthusiastic show of appreciation for the great event. Culminating and assembling non-mainstream radio hit musicians, Trial By Ereena is truly a breath of fresh air. Here's to more Trial By Ereena events to come!

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