Tuesday, November 04, 2008

StereoPath inspired by Stainds pictures

Here are some pictures for those who missed the action at Laundry Bar on the 30 october 2008 for the StereoPath inspired by the Stainds performed by John's Mistress, Nakedbreed, Melodica and Sam. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and maybe one day you can be in it as well if you are willing to spend some time at Laundry Bar every thurdays night and watch the action live with us....so check it out k

StereoPath an "indiependent splash " inspired by The Stainds at Laundry Bar....

Getting things started...not a bad opening act :)

then it was NakedBreed heating things up on stage...

John's Mistress taking charge with some awesome performance..

melodica adding some sparks into the night with their show..

happy people of Laundry...

he surely got a style of performing..

All the performing bands that night....

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