Friday, November 21, 2008

Stereo Path An Indiependent Splash High Voltage!

This time Laundry Bar featured StereoPath once again and this time the theme was An Indiependent Splash:High Voltage with a different line up of bands keeping all the rockers hyped all night long. The performing bands were Aku (its not Aku Ska like printed and published on all the poster sorry for the mistakes guys) , Dragon Red , Aggrobeats ,The Times and a last minute addition of Blister making Laundry Bar packed with tons of happy people.

Well things started with Aku as the opening act with songs from their album and a few cover song to get the crowd going..

Next up was Dragon Red, they surely make the night getting hotter with some hardcore performing acts as well as a few head banging from the leading vocalist...

the crowd were really entertained by the way Dragon Red performed...thanks to their great showmanship...who left everyone happy and wanting more...

forget to introduce our emcee of the night Miss khristabelle and im sure of it..hehe...making the night even smoother..being with all the people while bands make their final adjustment before starting their shows....

then it was Blister..making a return to Laundry they have performed here before this but this time with a better and more powerful performance..they even brought their entourage for guys!

finally the most awaited band by the crowd, The Times takes over the stage as everyone started to packed inside to witness the performance of their favourite band.Singing a few of their hit singles and a few new songs. They made the crowd went up the roof as everyone really enjoy it and guys really sorry because i only managed to snap a few pictures since it was too pack inside..

The happy peeps in laundry...

then it was Aggrobeats to bring down the tempo of the night with their easy listening songs as the night ended. everyone went back with a smile on their faces..

All the bands performing teaming up for a picture...they surely enjoy that night!!

OK guys see you all again next week for another exciting life band performance at Laundry Bar!!


Darian Henry said...

thanx 4 the pics..
really had fun that nite


Darian from BLISTER

Khristabelle said...

it's miss khristabelle ;)thank you for pictures and introduction

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