Monday, March 10, 2008

Whole Bunch of Updates

Wasap y'all.
Many apologies for the delay in updates.
It keeps saying Google Error each time I upload pictures. So annoying.

After many hair pulling long moments, I have managed to get the many pictures taken from last two weeks uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

For those in the dark, Monday nights at Laundry Bar is now Monday Night Rejects. DJ Ray Soo, Lexxtronik (spelling?) and Xes!!Xes!Xes! pop by to brighten up the Monday blues with a kooky mix of electronica, indie rock and 80s cheese.

DJ Ray Soo

Xes!Xes!Xes! which I believe to be code for the Yes Yes Yes! shrieked in that moment of quivering divine pleasure..

... and his dancing shoes.

the many uber fashionable party people who came by to brighten up Laundry on the suckiest day of the week.

A very lucky man flanked by Nadia and friend

Horite. And then that Thursday came FlyFM's Campur Chart goes Live! @ Laundry Bar with acts such as Ask Me Again, Estrella and Seven Collar T-shirt.

Here's a group shot of a few friends. Happy belated Birthday to March babies Batak and Jessica!

When I first heard Ask Me Again was performing, in my head I kept thinking of the Ask Me Again I've seen time and time again at Laundry and places like Jam Asia.
I was wrong though because this is either a completely different band, or they decided to revamp the whole line up and musical direction and get evil.
Driven very much by heavy, chugging riffs and double pedal action, they sounded like a PG13 version of System of a Down or something.

The crowd appeared to know most of their songs and reciprocated by body bashing each other and head banging violently.
Check out the smiling faces..

And then there was the sugary sweet Estrella backed by a full band that comprised of non-other then Duan of SCTS and Jeff of Prana.

As she was halfway into the set, I heard yells from the crowd (obviously of the testosterone-fueled persuasion) screaming Liyana! Show me that smile!
He he.
No doubt her songs radiate a certain restrained sensuality that pulls one in to the tales she weaves. It appears that over time, her sets have grown only more enthralling.

Freebies giveaway!

Last up were seasoned rock veterans Seven Collar T-Shirt. Despite having heard them play countless of shows over the years, they never cease to bore me (contrary to what you think Ham!)
They played a couple of new songs that solidified them as being one of the more unique and original sounding bands in Malaysia I think. Because really. I can't think of anyone they quite sound like which is pretty awesome considering all the Western rip offs we have circuiting the scene.

Okay, just a couple of crowd shots because there wasn't much walking space and I stupidly wore heels. I know you all enjoy checking out pictures of people, but I was about to risk tumbling over unattractively for that.

More updates on Juke Joint Jupiter's blues success last Thursday coming up!
See you this Thursday!

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