Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Juke Joint Jupiter and Motion Picture Soundtrack Updates

Juke Joint Jupiter which happened quite some time received a wonderfully warm reception. The bar was filled but not packed, thereby allowing lovers of the blues enough room to tank up on some beers while working up a sweat gyrating to the awesome line up that night. The Big Pink, Triple6Poser and Jack and the Howlin Wolf successfully garnered the attention of a mix of people.
I saw children, slightly mature working adults and hot young things all congregated together for a night of blues, soul and rock n roll.

Motion Picture Soundtrack last month saw acts like Koma, I am Rain and They Will Kill Us All storm Laundry's seemingly too small stage. Kurasaraksaksa had the stage made up with neon colored odds and ends that reminded me of a childhood wonderland tainted by a bad mushroom trip.
Fairuz 'Blur' Sulaiman was on hand as usual to entertain all with his breath taking visuals.

Of course, the main man of the night!
DJ Bunga of Twilight Action Girl!
Check the various faces of Lim behind the dj console.

"Yess...this top is divine innit??"

"Mmm.. just loves it!"

"Check this shit!"

He he he:)

It was Ham of Seven Collar T-Shirt's birthday that night!!

More updates coming your way soon.
Pop by Laundry this Thursday to catch Reza Salleh's Moonshine!

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Ikram said...

Cats In Love also performed during Juke Joint


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