Monday, January 28, 2008

January Updates! Moonshine & FlyFM Campur Chart

Hellu all!
Let me first apologize for the lack or rather lag of updates lately. Time and tide appears to be propelling me mercilessly forward with barely a breath's reprieve.

Let's take our memories back to a couple of week's ago at Laundry's Moonshine. Band's such as Brainhead, Plush, Broken Scar and Az Samad stormed the stage.
Ok, to be completely honest, I can barely remember the line up. Excuse my memory decay and drop us a comment correcting me if I'm wrong.

First up was Brainhead, which comprised of a very good looking foursome! Oo Yea. I only managed to catch the last song of their set, but my eyes certainly drank in much more. Ha ha.

And then there was Broken Scar, headed by Kevin. Despite having been in Australia, a majority of the turn out that night came to catch his long awaited KL appearance. Recruiting the services of sessionists (band whores) Hanafi and Alda, they played a set that sort of reminded me of John's Mistress. I hope that is not an insult:) I certainly enjoyed the set, and the crowd certainly appeared to!

Alda's got a snazzy new haircut and is out to crush people. Beware!

The next band played a lot of very well composed ballads that is somewhat reminiscent of Indonesian indie band stuff. Despite playing good music, I found they lacked a certain stage presence, and hence failed to hold my guinea pig like attention for long.

Last up! All girl band Plsuh, once again making male chauvinistic musicians who say that women cannot play their instruments eat their words.

Bassist Melina who is also of Tempered Mental.

Vocalist Izwin oozing sex appeal.

The many many people who turned up!

Mooky of One Buck Short and friend.

Andy & Din of Estranged.

Liyana of Estrella and the ever adorable Auburn keyboardist.

Kevin of Broken Scar and friends

Alda and his new hair.

Vinder, Estranged's manager and friend.

Roen & Daphne.

Dragon Red.
Ok..moving swiftly along..


Frequency Cannon, Silent Scream & Darino drew the people to Laundry like moths to a flame.

First up was Silent Scream, who kept the crowd waiting in antsy anticipation, as their bassist was late. It was worth the wait for many, as they played a set that was defined in my opinion by their very anthem like rock songs.
Very bersemangat, head banging, hand raised to the sky type songs.

And then it was hip hop act Darino. I'm not sure if it's Tarino. But the flyer says Darino. So...
They brought up two Calcutta based rappers and two sexy ladies on stage to keep things spicy.
Not really my cup of tea, but the crowd appeared to love it, singing along and dancing.

Last up was Frequency Cannon, storming the stage with their cheeky punk rock style.
The crowd went crazy, lapping up the band member's wild stage antics and flashy moves.
I noticed that a lot of people were actually singing along! So cute!

Sorry Yuri for putting such a sweaty picture of you up:)

Can you spy Xandria Ooi in the picture showing her main man Yuri support?
The girl in front was really letting loose and enjoying herself, dancing to every song. So cute la she.

Nehoos, this week marks the last week of January.
And.. it's Crossborders!
Force Vomit of Singapore! Aren't you psyched?!


DirtySocks said...

Silent Scream totally Rocks!

eu gene said...

re: moonshine

the first band isn't brainhead. brain head's the indon sounding one that you found boring.

Anonymous said...

dude, the first band's called scene at the movies NOT brainhead! get your facts straight!

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