Monday, November 26, 2007

Motion Picture Soundtrack TWO

Laundry was transformed into post-rock heaven two Thursdays ago! Much apologies for the delayed updates, but have been busy as a bee, what with the end of the year coming up.

A self-professed non-fan of post-rock, I was impressed by the amount of attention devoted to creating an atmospheric, tripped-out environment.

Blur and installation artists Hummingbird Collective set up camp by the stage with their various knick-knacks to provide the crowd with beautiful visual projections.


First up were Amateur Takes Control. Comprised of a bunch of 17 year olds, they weaved an intricate musical set that belied their years.

Somewhere towards the end up their really long set (was it just me), one of their friends hopped onstage and released some intense primal energy by shrieking his lungs out.
That was all very aptly accompanied by a visual of soldiers trooping about. Heh.

Next up were Deepset. I think I have previously professed that amongst all the post-rock bands I have heard, I thought they possessed a sound that set them apart. Their set that night was unusually melancholic to my ears... perhaps I was experiencing a bout of post-rock od..?

There was a lot of kneeling and distortion pedal manipulation...

Ahhh.. and here is a shot of Ronnie of Furniture who was the DJ for the night. With that infamous beanie of his! Come on Ronnie.. give me sexy!! Ha ha ha.

A couple of shots of the hard workers behind the stage..

Last up was KLPHQ. It's been awhile since I last saw Irman in action.. and it appears there have been some line-up changed? I am not sure. They appear to have honed their sound to a more channeled blistering, progressive intensity. Kind of reminded me of the emo, instrumental version of Neurosis.

Post rock Fanatics!

Headed by Kim..

Sehar, the bro with the fro and friend.

Camwhore Ronnie and friend..

Fairuz 'Blur' Sulaiman & Hummingbird Collective

More updates coming your way soon. SOON!

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