Monday, November 12, 2007

Moonshine Turned 2!

Ahhh.. how time flies. Moonshine recently turned 2! (Let us not forget the Crossborders will be turning 2 at the end of this month as well.. I expect to see you all there!!)

Moonshine celebrated their second birthday by recruiting 4 class acts. Estrella, Kluk Kluk Adventure, The Otherside Orchestra and Push.

Headed by the saccharine sweet Liyana, Estrella performed with a full band that night. If I am not mistaken, Jeff (from Prana) was on drums and Duan (Seven Collar T-shirt & Kluk Kluk Adventure) was on guitars. As always, the crowd was enthralled by Liyana's charming demeanor and calming melodies.

Then it was Kluk Kluk Adventure! Headed by Keeta on vocals, this veteran act belted out ska-pop tunes that had the crowd grooving. At the end of their set, the crowd ached for more, and "One More!" could be heard throughout Laundry.
Unfortunately for fans, they were unable to oblige because their original drummer was not present.

Hehe.. I had an uber sex-pot picture of keyboardist Ajeep, but he disallows me to post it. U owe me one Ajeep!

Favourite of the night The Otherside Orchestra started off their set with dark, twisty instrumental tunes. New addition to the band, vocalist Izwin then hopped on stage, all red tights, eyeliner, bad girl attitude and big vocals. Her melodies remind me of the YeahYeahYeahs.
The crowd's reception for them was crazee! People were dancing, getting rowdy, and giving me an anxiety attack. Heh.

It was pretty evident that the Moonshine master, Mr. Reza Salleh was thoroughly enjoying the celebration of Moonshine's Anniversary. After the band finished their set, he announced that they were to play One More, much to the crowd's delight.

Last up was the all mysterious Push. I ran into miss Mia Palencia in the little girls room and she mentioned that they were a DnB band. Interesting ei?
Unfortunately, there was a minor setback, as their drummer John Thomas was late.
Tempered Mental's drummer sat in for a bit and the boys entertained the crowd with some awesome guitar-licking and drumming.

I didn't stay for whole duration of their set, but what I heard was loungey, chill out music, marked by Mia Palencia's always melodious voice.

The crowd..

Ronnie of Furniture who had no voice that day


Peace & Love!

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