Monday, October 29, 2007

Soundlanding @ Crossborders

And so it was Tempered Mental, Soundlanding (Thailand) and Man Under Zero Effort (MUZE) at Crossborders for the month of October.
Initially Squeeze Animal were supposed to come, but due to some unforseen last minute circumstances, Soundlanding filled in their empty slot. All was then fine in Crossborder land.

The crowd was modest but enthusiastic, and when Tempered Mental came on first as the opening band of the night, it was evident who their enthusiasm was directed at.
They played a majority of songs from their new album and I must say that musically, they have matured and sound better than ever!

And then there was Soundlanding. Their music was atypical of the jangly guitared, dancey rock like tracks favored by music fashionistas these days. They were very friendly, and I had a good laugh upon discovering that they had gone on a hardcore shopping spree at Ikea! I think they must have had more than 10 Ikea plastic bags with them that night!

Last up was MUZE. They sound like a spin-off of The Other Side Orchestra (Which I really like). Instrumental and experimental, it was interesting to watch the rocking out version of what I would otherwise consider post-rock.

Ahh.. another one to add to Laundry's half naked drummer archive!

The people!

I never knew there were 3 of them! They look so much alike I was soo confused! Here's a shot of them to give u all a little head trip.

Peace out!

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Nana said...

...Soundlanding's drummer ?

Not him

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