Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Return of Alompak Ago Go

Alompak Ago Go returned! Starting of the holiest of holy months of the year with a chilled out night of acoustic guitars, mellow keyboards and very very emo vocals.

As one might have expected, the turn out was modest, with only the hardcore music enthusiasts (mostly chinese..heh) sitting quietly in small groups enjoying their cocktails or beers.

Nonetheless, the show was enjoyable. Tenderfist started the night (pls inform me if I got that wrong). His set was a mellow, emotive acoustic set that a certain wise one by the name of Hani described as "Sad songs that make you happy".
My face...*scowl*

The many faces of the man.. Tenderfist.

Next up was emo poster boy Kit and his band Silent Scenery. Last I remember Silent Scenery was an acoustic act; Kit and a guitar. But that Thursday, he brought along a full band! Spied amongst all the cables and speakers?
Adlin's little brother otherwise known as MiniMe, the front man of Ask Me Again.

Closing the night was the one man electronic act Flica, who weaved an incredibly full and elaborate soundscape with just a synthesizer and some good looks!

And now for the hardcore Laundry goers who came and conquered..

I spy Debbie and Michelle..


...and more updates on September's Crossborders coming up!

Looks like October is fast happening. Keep a lookie out for updates on our shows. Everybody's in for a little treat in this next coming months. Cause we're cool that way :)


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