Thursday, August 30, 2007

Laundry Music Volume:3

And so this time around we at Laundry Bar decided to keep things simple. Unlike before, there was no pre-party thrown, no invitation lists and all that other shenanigan.
Laundry's Music Volume: 3 was all about delivering straight up gritty rock and roll to all music lovers out there; without the pretentions, minus the frills.
We recruited the talents of Ipoh representatives Bittersweet, post-rockers from Paris Utopium, Hong Kong's The Lovesong and Beijing's TooKoo; each of them bringing to the stage their distinct manic energy and musical ingenuity.

Here are the boys from Utopium having a little chit chat session with Channel V's representatives before the show began...

... and some of the boys from Bittersweet hanging loose waiting for their turn up to take the stage.

Laundry's mistress Petrina having a hug session with DJ Nesh!

Laundry's Music Volume:3 started off with a clash of jangly guitars and stylish cool. Decked out in their trade mark aviators, Bittersweet unleashed their Brit-rock influenced music with flamboyant abandonment. Their many fans went wild!

They draped, slouched, even dangled over the barricades placed before the stage. Their shrieks of appreciation and raised devil horns appeared inexhaustible all throughout the night.
So long as the bands stayed on stage belting out tune after tune, they were there loving every note up!

Hailing all the way from Paris, this international music act Utopium took the energy down a notch by filling Laundry with their dreamy soundscapes. These ambient sounds were peppered by the explosions of distorted guitars and rabid drum rolls that made it hard for one to pigeon-hole this band as post-rockers.

The Lovesong was next. It was obvious that many of the people congregated before the stage had waited in sweaty anticipation to watch one of the more talked about bands from Hong Kong live.

They were intense.
Their emo-rock sound was made distinct with vocalist Ben's spoken or rather shouted vocals that were reminiscent of emo from the early 90s.

Their original drummer regretfully could not make the show. However, their replacement that night was equally as good if not better!

It was during their set that the crowd began to get rowdy ( as it usually does when there are awesome bands in the house). The crowd surfers were out in full force, but were unfortunately told to call it off as a safety precaution.

Last but not least were Beijing cutie-pies TooKoo!
Clad in skinny jeans, white t-shirts, suspenders and tattoo-ed skin, this punk influenced emo-core band dominated the stage that night.

Before their set began, their keyboardist spoke three words.
"Welcome to China!"
Drawing laughs from the crowd..
From that moment on, though, it was a full rock-out Beijing style!

TooKoo also had the most insane drummer I've ever witnessed!
His beats were tight, fast and furious.

He was a mad man behind those drums.

The lovelies that came and supported our humble efforts..

Party people in pink masks..

I guess that about sums up Laundry's Music Volume: 3.
For those of you who didn't make it this time, you missed out. Big time!

We'll be back soon with Laundry's Music Volume:4.
Hold your breaths cause you know that we here at Laundry Bar are wont to outdo ourselves!


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