Monday, August 27, 2007

Ago Go-ing The Night Away

It was a night of ska punk and disco dancing for all Laundry lovers last Thursday!

Alompak Ago Go brought forth three quirky acts to Laundry's stages: Funky Doryz, Plague of Happiness and Komplot.

The boys from Komplot.
Their guitarist broke his arm or wrist or something (see cast in picture above), and these uber resourceful boys got Kid from Search to stand in for the night.

The boys from Funky Doryz looking hunky

They were first up.
By then Laundry was splitting at the seams with people. The air was warm, moist and heavy with second hand cigarette smoke.
The perfect setting for a good night.
Prior to the band's set, the crowd were pre-warned about the dangers of crowd-surfing and moshing (at Laundry we care..also, one too many tables have been broken).
However, the few delinquents did show their enthusiasm by risking their necks and leaping with utter abandonment into the crowd.

Bandu with his myriad expressions and inexhaustible energy!

And then it was ska punk madness with Johor band Plague of Happiness!
Their set had the crowd "stomping their feet to that crazy skankcore beat"..and that's and understatement.
Most definitely the most enjoyable act of the night!

The trumpet, tenor sax and trombone. Work those windpipes!

Last up was Komplot. These boys labor under the tagship of Disco Tanpa Risiko, and are out to revolutionize the Malaysian music scene one spin of a disco ball at a time.
Malay songs with a disco twist, funky clothing and a sax. Needless to say, the crowd loved it up.

The lovely Geeta who emceed.

Big props to Ajeep who helped make this night happen and Aqmal for the pretty pictures!

Looking forward to the next one?
I know I am

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