Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Project Bazooka..

Deepset, The Karl Maka from Singapore, The Deserters and Citizens of Ice Cream rocked Laundry's stage last Thursday.
It was the EP Launch for The Deserters and Citizens of Ice Cream, two bands which are currently making waves in the local scene. This is a wave I noticed first hand that day. Not only was Laundry packed, there was some serious autograph signing action that went down after Citizens of Ice Cream's set!

First up for the night was a little acoustic dish that came in the form of Lee from the band Paradise Hills. It was just him, a guitar, feel-good tunes and a pot of tea.

The pot of tea.

Next up was post-rock act Deepset. The first song they played was a heavier, grittier take on the usual post-rock fare, which I thought was an awesomely pleasant surprise. The rest of their set tapered off into a mellower blend of harmonics..

At which point they all got on their knees..

Karl Maka from down under (Singapore not Australia) is a two man act which comprises of a synthesizer, a guitar and a voice. During their cover of Depeche Mode, the vocalist got the crowd singing along with him into the microphone. Amongst those he recruited.. a certain Hani and Batak. Heh heh heh.

The lovely emcee for the night.

The Deserters!
Their EP Last Chance is now available for all lovers of indie pop music. Infused with a healthy dose of Brit rock influences, melancholic melodies and infectious guitar hooks, they truly impressed.

Last up were post rock darlings Citizens of Ice Cream. Despite having previously played at Laundry, the crowd welcomed their return with wide open arms. Considering the attentive looks of rapture on the faces in the crowd, I'm assuming their EP The End was well received..

The people who came!

I just realized that at the back of this picture there is a man flashing a hand. Oi!

Imam of Lightcraft and friend.

Caroline who was set to perform at KLPac the next night.

Actress Sazzy Falak and friends

Crossborders is this week. Stay tuned!

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