Saturday, June 09, 2007

FlyFm's Campur Chart.. The Second.

FlyFm's Campur Chart this time round featured three awesome local acts.
The Rebel Scum, The Works and Love Me Butch.
Initially on the line up was Cosmic Space Munkys, only those boys chickened out as they couldn't take the heat! That's not true.. but yeah:)
They were replaced by DnB baddies.. The Works.

The Rebel Scum were first up, filling the stage with black t-shirts, immaculate kicks and wikked rhymes; thus proving to all why they are currently FlyFm's Campur Chart's artist of the week. Comprised of MicWreck, Illson, WordsManifest, hqa and DJ Cliq, The Rebel Scum has a new single out-BakDatang. Go to their myspace to find out how you can vote for it!

The Works is a dnb, electronica musical collaborative that is comprised of DJ Mac, DJ Cliq, WordsManifest and Figure of Speech.
Note that some of these boys are also from The Rebel Scum. Elaborately named stage alter egos and the same people in two different acts is a recipe for confusion.

That did not, however, detract from their awesome show that the crowd loved up.
The genius dynamics of their set has already been vulgarly described in their own words. Go to their myspace to find out what it is. Prepare to be amused.. or offended. It's a thin line.

The FlyBoys onstage..

Samir hopped onstage for a surprise teaser performance before the next act came on..

And then there was Love Me Butch.. who brought with them their army of avid followers that swamped the stage the moment they came on. No stranger to Laundry, these hardcore rock veterans always make for an intense live act experience. Having honed their sound to perfection, these boys set that night was tighter than a nun's pussy!

The crowd

Samir and his biker buddies

Kevin & friend

Transient Vortex!

Syarul attempting cute.

Wokeh. I'm out.

Peace & Love.

P.S: Laundry Bar will soon be providing local & international acts an outlet to sell their music!
For those interested, email us at: for details.

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