Friday, May 04, 2007

My Baby Is ONE

On the 19th of April 2007, Laundry officially turned ONE!! To thank the wonderful bands and people that have helped support and keep the magic of Laundry alive, we threw a helluva party that started an early 8.30pm and lasted as long and late as it lawfully could. It was also Laundry's first live on stage recording of all the awesome bands and musicians that have been on the stages of Laundry; namely Isaac Entry, Izzy, Rhapsody, Reza Salleh, Lucy In The Loo, Tempered Mental, Kluk Kluk Adventure, Auburn, Bittersweet, Love Me Butch and Seven Collar T-Shirt.

While it was light...

The red carpet treatment was for everyone!

A little peek inside..

The men of Laundry who kept our thirst away.

The early part of the evening was exclusively for press, the bands and invited guests. There were some eager early birds..

... and yummy food was served!

Justin and Krishna hit things off with their trademark booty shaking percussion set, and were joined by anyone and seemingly everyone who was game enough to hop onstage and party. Once these boys took the stage, it was a full on musical feista for lovers of all genres of music; and that's when the party really got started!

Azwin Andy hard at work.

Isaac Entry and his ukelele!

Reza Salleh



Kluk Kluk Adventure

The Friends of Laundry once again took to the stage to mark the end of the VIP/Media segment. Laundry's doors were once again open to all! Here's Mayumi going wild with the maracas..

Lucy In the Loo

Point Blank

Joe Flizzow of Too Phat

Avenging angels of rock..Auburn

Tempered Mental


Love Me Butch

This is was the first ever time I've seen a crowd surfer in Laundry! Unfortunately we don't have a picture to commemorate the moment, but lookit that crowd!

Seven Collar T-Shirt

The father-daughter dream team.

Friends of Laundry closed the show..and that's when the party shifted to the stage.

A packed Laundry is a happy Laundry. Despite NOFX performing that night, a lot of people turned up to support their favourite local acts, which I thought was rather heart-warming. There were also a few renegades who came after NOFX just to catch a piece of Laundry action. Nobody wants to miss out on a good party!

And Laundry definitely knows how to party like it's 1999! The crowd congregated outside (and it was drizzling yo!) was testament to that fact.

Anyhoos, I'm out. Peace & Love.

It's a Bar. Not a Revolution.

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