Sunday, May 20, 2007

Laundry Music Volume: 2

The second installation of Laundry's Volume series married rock and hiphop with dazzlingly successful results. Acts such as Malaysia's homegrown hardrocking band Estranged, Jakarta's darlings Everybody Loves Irene, sound evolutionaries Stylustiks and Melbourne's Weapon X & Ken Hell put up an unrivaled show that left everyone who came tingling with the after-effects of good times!

The pre-party/press conference started an early 8:00pm. Despite the early part of the night being reserved exclusively for the media and invited guests, people began swamping the outdoor area; anxious for the party to begin.

The early birds..

Mooky, Basil (The Campur Chart dood) and friends.
Also spied amongst the crowd were Malaysian supermodel Tengku Azura and CLEO Bachelor's Hafiz Adnan and Christian Cape that made for delectable eye candy!

Everybody Loves Irene looking spiffy.

Ken Hell, Weapon X & DJ A-Style all set to rumble..

An opportunity for fans to score an Everybody Loves Irene cd.
The raised section of Laundry was barricaded that night to prevent the crowd from swamping the stage area and afford the tv crew present some filming space. More importantly, that way, everybody had an equal chance of watching the acts. And no, it was not a 'VIP' area in the conventional sense, we got love for all!

Taking a little peek in the other side of the barricade..

Cza & Serena C

Rahul, Ash & Friend

Azwin Andy, Yanis & Rich

James & Friend

Estranged opened the night with a high energy set that sent their fans into throes of ecstacy. The moment the band got onstage, they swamped to the front of the barricade for a full-view of the band...

..... 'they' meaning an army of hot young girls.

Everybody Loves Irene brought things down a notch with their set which was hauntingly beautiful and very reminiscent of the now defunct Portishead.
Their mellow brand of ambient trip-hop influenced indie-pop lulled the crowd into a false sense of security... only to let loose and go completely insane when it came to the last song of their set!

DJ Nesh was the official emcee for the night and kept the energy up between each act by churning out phat tunes.

And then there was.. Stylustiks!

Who busted out Kompangs..!

And got the crowd on their feet and dancing with the expansive musical soundscape they weaved..

Ken Hell about to hop onstage..

DJ A-Style

Last but not least.. Weapon X & Ken Hell, who launched a full on hiphop assault on KL with their blistering word play and insanely good beats!
These boys had the crowd loving every second of their sneaker obssessed, tongue-in-cheek hooks.

They were then joined onstage by Joe Flizzow of Too Phat and the always incredible Jennifer Johns who has been recognised by the Rolling Stones magazine as a "true talent who is immune to musical boundaries"!

DJ A-Style closed the night, keeping the crowd on their feet and dancing till closing time.

Yanis, Joe Flizzow, Andrew & Friend

Two third of Stylustiks, Jennifer Johns, Yanis, Moots, Rahul and Brian going crazy for the camera!

So that about sums up Volume:2. Sleep off the hangover and hurry up and recover, cause Volume:3 is coming your way people!

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Munnie said...

Volume 2 rocked and i cant wait for Volume 3! The bands rocked the house that night! Loving it.

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