Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Crossborders Go Punk

There has been a recent invasion of punkrock/pop-punk/MTV-punk (whatever it is Good Charlotte and that sort are called) acts such as NOFX, Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy this side of the world.
Coincidence or not, Crossborders last Thursday saw local pop-punk act Y2K and Singaporean punk band Saw Loser taking over Laundry's humble stages.

The Y2K boys, I must say, are a barrel of laughs and their sets never fail to entertain. Their furiously short power-pop tunes are often peppered with witty one-liners and nonsensical comic speech. They're like punk stand up comedy, filling all grumpy people with musical hilarity!

Saw Loser is fast making a name for themselves, having opened for Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy and the lot. Comprised of an American, a Japanese and two Australian brothers, these boys set the girls hearts a flutter that night with their bad boy, Green Day reminiscent brand of punk rock.

Y2K's adorable guest act who ran up onstage for a song all wrapped up in tissue paper. So cute you! *pinch cheek*

And now for pictures of all the pretty ladies who came.

The Saw Loser boys

Nesh and Henry

Simon of Borneo Ink Tattoos & Piercings with girlfriend and Phil of Hold Fast tattoos in Perth(?) I forget.

More Pretty ladies..

What's up with the finger thing? For some reason everyone that night kept flashing those finger thingys. Am i missing out on something here??

Last but not least, Ali!


Anonymous said...

saw loser rocks!!
that fingers thing is like rock ymbols i thing!!
by the way im the guy with that fingers thing hahaha..


Anonymous said...



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