Sunday, April 22, 2007

April's Moonshine!

This April's Moonshine @ Laundry boasted acts such as Jasemaine Gan, Yuri, Plush and Loo in the Loo.

Singer-songwriters Jasemaine and Yuri head-started the night with their acoustic melodies. Sadly, you will all be deprived of Jasemaine's pictures as my dog ate it. However, do go here for a little taste of Jasemaine.
As for Yuri.. well, his rock kangkang Frequency Cannon alter ego appeared to be out in full force as he pranced around Laundry's humble stage charming all the ladies. You know you want a piece of Yuri.. right here.

It was Plush's Moonshine debut! They're an all-girl band influenced by the likes of Guano Apes, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse and Incubus. According to one of the girl's in attendance, "They kicked ass!"

Laundry's favourite indie-pop darlings Lucy in the Loo closed the night with their infectious pop anthems. Their music is so ridiculously catchy, they can be likened to the common flu. Everyone falls prey.

Soft Touch!

Joyce the Fairy and friend!

Yuri and friend!

Peace and Love!!

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