Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Of Hearts And Lightbulbs!!

I had it all planned out.
It was Sunday and I was going to wake up in time for dinner and then proceed to have a very productive evening slothing around my house doing absolutely, delightfully nothing.
And then Trina called.
Some place in Hartamas pulled the rug out from under this gig and it was now going to be held in Laundry.
Uhh... Yippie??
It took a lot of effort to haul my ass there, but it actually turned out to be a pretty fun night.
Fun for a good cause too.

The Hearts & Lightbulbs Valentine's Charity Gig was organized for the St Jerome's Home. Eighteen children aged between 2-16 call this place home. For those of you seeking atonement for all your evil wrong doings.. don't hesitate to find out how you can make a contribution! Click here!

Here's a picture of the kids *melt*

My initial reaction was actually WTF?? Why so many kids in a bar wan???

I was late (as usual) and missed the first act which was Saer Ze.
However, I managed to coerce Prakash (one of the night's MCs) to email me some of her pictures...so here they are!

So smokin hot this girl on stage.

Prakash and Erin were the emcee's for the night.
It was quite amusing watching them try to get the crowd to participate in the question and answer free gift doling process.
Everybody so shy that night.
My theory is that it was Sunday and people weren't drunk enough for their kiasu side to properly emerge:)

Reza Salleh was supposed to perform next, but all his band members were late.. so Jerral Khor and Zalila Lee played first.

Some of you may remember Zalila from Soundcheck a couple of week's ago.

Reza then took to the stage to melt the ladies hearts with his ladykiller voice.

I burst out laughing after snapping this pic cause for some reason images of a cherub perching on a high stool came into mind. Hee hee.

19 year old Nick Davis played next followed by Estrella.

Buoy and Jeff from Prana backed her for a couple of songs.

And then it was Yuri's band! (I hope I got the line-up correct..hee)

Rock veteren's Soft Touch never fail to deliver..

Still rocking out after all these years!

Last up were Diplomats of Drum who played at last year's Rainforest World Music Festival.
They blew the roof off the bar with their booty-shaking brand of world music.

The ladies fixated on the stage during Diplomats of Drum's performance.

The people who came..

The cute chick selling flowers for charity.

Oriteys..see y'all in Laundry tomorrow night!
Remember to leave whatever excesses you have at home! And by excesses I mean significant others..hehehe. Joking la!

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