Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Night with J.Lo

Jason Lo, one of the more mainstream artists in Malaysia rocked it out in Laundry last Thursday night. Probably best known for the hit song 'Evening News' from his first album, Jason Lo delivered another one of his trademark, head-bopping, energizer-bunny like performances. Fun!!

Laundry was packed as usual, though not to its usual claustrophobia-inducing points.. which was odd, since I have personally witnessed Jason Lo's very very aggressive horde of female fans. Oh well, more Jason for the rest of us:)
After two very successful releases, Jason's back with his newest album, 'The Fall' featuring the chart-topping hit 'Sleepy head'. Do go check his myspace here and his official homepage at www.lorocks.com

The opening band for the night was I.G Collective. Newly formed sometime this year, this is one band you definitely want to watch out for. Their eclectic funk and groovy musical stylings make you want to wave that body like the ocean and not stop! For those of you who missed them last Thursday, do click here for a little taste of I.G Collective sweetness.

Anyhoos, here are some pictures for you to feast your eyes on.

DJ Nesh strikin a pose.. I actually promised him I wouldn't post this, but promises are made to be broken. Also, you look so cute la!! hee hee

Jason Lo brought upgrades for the sound and lights! What a sweetheart!

J.Lo rocking it out

The crowd!!

I.G Collective

Failed upskirt shot..

Serena C and friend

The I.G Collective boys. Nazim, Nel & Murat. Hmmm.. where did Aaron go??

Well, December is here with Christmas round the corner. You know you want to spend it here, at Laundry!!


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