Monday, October 02, 2006

I.G. Collective, Isaac Entry & Friends

The atmosphere at Laundry was superb last Thursday night
Many many familiar faces and every table was taken up
But not too crowded to the point annoyance takes over

I likey.

First to go up were the extremely energetic I.G. Collective

They opened for oh-so-popular Isaac Entry & Friends

Their easygoing soul was a nice change
Someone came up to me, "Why are they not playing R&B? Damn boring man."
"It's not boring la, nice for a change. Everytime so crowded and loud, not sick ar?"

*i* for one thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I was supposed to go home at midnight to finish up some work.
"I have to leave in a bit."
"I have work to do..."

One hour later:
"I thought you were supposed to go home to do your work? -_- "
"Yeah, i am i am!"

Two hours later:
"I knew you weren't going to go home."
"OHMYGOD, the place is closing...!"


Wow. The place looks really different with lights on...

Also present were three cheeky things wearing pink tiaras and carrying fairy wands *ooh*

"I want more drinks!"

Alright, so i made that up
It's not like i sneak back to Laundry and see what's going on

I'm kidding, i don't sneak back there

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