Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Touched The Moonshine Master

But not in a lewd way of course.

Everyone has a weakness as does the Moonshine Master.
Buy him a djembe and you can touch him too ;)

So came and went another moonshiney night at Laundry which kicked off with Singapore's Stoned Revivals

The first band abroad to be featured on the show, the Stoned Revivals are considered veterans in the local scene (here and in Spore), having been around for more then 10 years or so. They sound like a live jazz band that threw the rule book out the window injected with lots of funked up riffs and indie pop overtones.
- Moonshine Master

Actually i'm lying.
I've had enough of the disco balls stealing the limelight above the performers in the pictures every week.
So this time around, we're cutting them out a tad, yeah?

Plagiarised from KLue:

The six friends who all hail from Indonesia and currently studying in universities here, Lightcraft comprises vocalist Imam, drummer Patrick, bassist Indra, pianist/keyboardist Enrico and guitarists Fari and Latief.

Drawing influences from Snow Patrol, Haven, Lowgold, The Verve, Elbow, South and many more, The Modern Seasons is filled with seven Britrock-inspired tracks that make listeners wat to bop their heads and sing-along.

Well i did bop my head but failed to sing-along seeing i didn't know the lyrics.
Unless i mumbled and hoped noone would hear...

Read the rest about them available in this month's issue ;)

More about Lightcraft here

Rhapsody started as a seed of a dream 7 years ago in a dusty schoolroom, and has finally blossomed into a budding tree of possibilities. Rhapsodys catchy poppish tunes has jazz overtones as they list Thelonious Monk, Ella Fitzgerald, Jamie Cullum, Alicia Keys and Antonio Carlos Jobim among their musical influences. They are a two piece jigsaw puzzle. Nicole can't compose music for shit, and Ywenna can't write for shit. Ywenna prefers to caress the ivory keys while Nicole loves to exercise her vocal chords. Match made in heaven? We'd like to think so. :) Only starting to perform live in November 2005, Rhapsody has been gaining momentum gradually, showing off their cheeky smiles and cheeky music at various gigs around town.
- more here

Or, you can stalk them here

Filling up the beer mug is serious business...

Then the other alcohol start getting jealous

That's Bartender Faiz on the left (i truly hope i got that right!)
He's cool
He's my favourite bartender there ;)

So here's something that happened that night -

Some little smart aleck went up to him saying, "Dude. I can drink *ten* of your Long Island Teas and i don't feel a thing!"

So Faiz grinned and concocted a delicious Long Island Tea for the fellow
Service with a smile, i say

The little smart aleck had two and was mumbling crap after that

Lesson learnt, don't mess with the bartender who mixes your drinks yo!

TwoSidesToAStory alert

Dudes from the aviation and finance industry
Nice shirt, Abel

Plagirised from their website:

TragiComedy is a solo project by singer/songwriter Amitabh Chandra. After the demise of his previous band Amigone he went back to basics and just wanted to write and record simple catchy songs that the average non-music savy person could enjoy. It would just be simple songs about love, life and catchy choruses. In fact that's the concept for the album "Songs that Won't Sell".

With the help of AIM Award winning maverick producer Tan Chee Meng who has worked with the likes of Love Me Butch, Prana and Flop Poppy, the recording for the TragiComedy album started at the end of 2003. It all started with Never Lonely. In fact it was only intended to be a one-off single just to get radio airplay. But due to the great response to the song an album had to be recorded.

So what happened to that?

Read more about it here

Plays well with others..?!
Oh. It's a music thing.

This time round, Laundry closed at 1am due to it being Ramadhan month
For a second, i panicked thinking, "Oh no! Not again! I stayed till the end again when i didn't mean to!"

Will try to keep my finger off the lens in the future.

I'm blaming the Long Island Tea cos i had a glass too.



Anonymous said...

Bah.. same ol pics, same ol people & same ol stories. Boring...
Can we know more about the Laundry crews who serves patiently and give their best! They need some credits :)

kinkybluefairy said...

Same old anonymous comments *rolls eyes*

"Can we know more about the Laundry crews who serves patiently and give their best! They need some credits"

True that, but they're always so busy, takkan want to ask them questions while they're running around. Will try next time

Anonymous said...

I like the anonymous button :)

Takkan so silly to ask them when they're busy *rolls eyes*

Hope something more fresh here

Anonymous said...

why delete my comment on the music?

Is it not true that the sound system is completely shit?

Fuck man theres no denying it, the people that own it know it and the people that go there know it.

Do something about it, lack maintenance of fucks up everything in Malaysia.

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