Monday, October 09, 2006

Deep, Down & Dirty

Last Thursday, i went to get my usual bunch of dirty laundry done... in a pleasurable way.

See those little black balls in the picture?
They're all heads.
Many many heads.
Equals many many people.

As everyone was chilling out, Nicky C warmed up the hazy night air

Because i don't know what the "C" stands for, i made one up... temporarily

And then the real fun started

Trish's voice was amazing as she belted out vocals that teamed up nicely with Nicky C's soulful beats and Krshna's complementary percussions

Speaking of which, there're always chicks and beer at Laundry
Or chicks and wine... chicks and shots too

Oh hell, who can say no to chicks and alcohol?

Not me. And certainly not you.


Anonymous said...

Get the fucking sound system upgraded, its a shame such a great place at laundry has such a horrific piece of shit sound system

Anonymous said...

no need to be rude about it!

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