Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Perfect Reason

The perfect reason why this Moonshine post is late is because...

I've been spending way too much time in Laundry.
It's horrible. I swear to myself - "I'll stay at home tonight and blog for Laundry. Yes i will. Yesiree."

Then i'd end up in Laundry.
On Monday night.
And Tuesday night.
And Wednesday night.

And before you know it, i MUST absolutely post these pictures up even though it's 6:32 am cos hell, it's Thursday already and Project Bazooka will be on tonight.

Laundry doesn't let me sleep.
Laundry lures me out to sip on wine on weeknights.
Laundry is so convenient i pop in for a wine because i have 15 minutes to spare before a movie in Cineleisure.

In short, Laundry Bar is evil.
You heard it here first, people.

Anyway, last Moonshine, Tempered Mental and Kohl went up first.

It was super crowded. So crowded i didn't even bother taking shots of the crowd cos... it's always crowded on Moonshine nights.


In hindsight, it's always crowded on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.


One of the bands have just released their new album called 'Revolusi Minda Antarabangsa'

"Formed in 98 in Johor Bahru, the band was named after the misadventures of a same named character, a figment of sharil's wild imagination. 5 extremely different individuals brought together by the love of making music. played countless gigs, had a great time, almost gave up, had line up problems a couple of times, but hey! it's 2004 and we're still together. even though half of us are in KL and the other half is in JB, we're still making music! still fighting! still getting frustrated! but we're working on it!"

Keeta on vocals, Ajeep on keyboard, Congo on bass, Lin aka Tin on drums, Duan from SCTS

Seriously Alet. Can you look normal for once? Heh.
I fancy Jessica's polka dots.

Debbie's wearing a fabulous top.
Why is VJ *cough* Andy standing so far away from her?
Kononnya innocent.

Mooky shows there's nothing wrong with being big.

Yeah, i LOVE hugging Mooky.

Dewi and her Heineken.

Are you wondering why there aren't any names to go with the photos?
In truth, i remember almost all these ppl's names.
But then i was thinking, i'd get into less trouble if i don'T state the names, then they can't say i got their name wrong.

Is this a bad idea or a good one?
You tell me.


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