Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Big Bang Bazooka!

It's beginning to seem like Thursday is Laundry day for a mazillion people in the klang valley. Kickstarting the weekend with chilled out drinks, Malam Jumaat (a common malay reference for Thursday night) is when you prepare for that crucial Friday night out.
So why blow your money on cover charges when there are free live gigs to sit through before the weekend whacks your wallet?

Local music launchpad, Project Bazooka's latest 3-part combustion last week featured heavy hitters One Buck Short, Telebury and Singletrackmind.

Telebury brit-rocked their set first.
Somehow, their Radiohead circa Pablo Honey era-esque music blended in with the noisy crowded bar, particularly one table of rowdy execs playing that chinese two-hands drinking game - 'Chai mui'.

Singletrackmind who's launching a new album "Visible Disturbance" soon, turned the rock up a notch with original material and even covers like U2's Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own and The Calling's Wherever You Will Go.

If you're a fan of sweetie pie actress & model Stephanie Chai, then all the more reason for you to check out their new video Seventeen (God At The Beach)

Beautifully shot video.
I wonder how much it cost.

The beginning reminds me of James Blunt, with the hoodie, tortured face, rain and all.
Surely the reason bands get beautiful people in their videos are to allure us to click on it and wala!, we're listening to their song TOO!

Oh we hate your perfect faces and bodies!!!
I hat... i hate.... *breathes in* I hateeee.... fuckit i can't say it. I can't say i hate Steph Chai cos i love her too much.


Anyway, click on the video.
It's awesome.

Closing the artillery fire were punk-rockers One Buck Short.
They played quite a number of songs from their new album.
I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Original of course. No piracy please.

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