Sunday, August 27, 2006

Some Danish On The Menu

Yes because Laundry is so popular, sometimes it *does* take the waiters kinda long to get you your drinks

Why don't you just be smart like me?
And sit at the bar.

Laundry flew in a special treat all the way from Denmark last Thursday
I was thinking, "Woopee! Danish marzipan and salted liqourice!"

But no.

They brought in hot Danish buns...
I meant band.

Kim Hesselberg: Lead vocals/guitar
Kim was born in a town in Denmark called Kolding but moved to the capital, Copenhagen in 2001. He has played different genres and in different bands. He has recently played in the metal band Visual Block

Check out their website @

Jan Nielsen: Bass guitar/backing vocals
Jan was born in Malaysia but now lives in Copenhagen. He has played in different bands ranging from punk to metal. He was last seen in the band Floodgate

Rune Buck: Lead guitar/Backing vocals
Rune also lives in Kolding. Rune has mainly concentrated on the metal genre with the exception of a band that backed a rhythmic choir group. He is currently playing in the band Evulva.

"Generally: Wellplayed, well-arranged, Ambitius, VERY american... play both potent and dedicated"
Henrik Marstal (Judge at LiveContest DK '05)

Søren Pagh: Drums/backing vocals
Søren was born and resides in Kolding. He has played in a many different rock bands and also is one half of the Danish rap group DAMP.

Suddenly so kawaii -_-'

LandSlyde & Adam*Dragonred

Even the elders love Laundry.

I went up to them asking whether i could snap a shot for Laundry
An old uncle said 'sure' whilst the others paid no attention to me
You know why?

One of the ladies demanded her girl friend, "Where's your drink!?"
Me: 0_o

Now, we have NO RIGHT to complain we're old and don't wanna go out and drink yada yada yada cos they *points up* are definitely older then us.

Milkah*Qube stylist, Serena C*Hitz.FM, Jacinta

Murat & friends

The BrokenScar Boys - Kevin & Alda, with Sherve in the middle

You have no idea how many times Kevin came up to me and RE-introduced himself
Like, five times before i finally remembered

Did i mention that i want Omega-3 for Christmas?
Christmas is Dec 25
The next time i blog for Laundry is Sept 7

Dec 25, Sept 27
Hell, i'm not fussy

I won't even mind if it's not wrapped.


Happy Merdeka everyone!!!

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