Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jungle And The City

Laundry was hyped up with house beats and exotic sounds as names not unknown to the KL music scene were brought in last Thursday the 3rd

DJs Jungle Jerry and Nicky C concentrating hard
No time to look at the camera
And no space for 'lil me to creep at the front of the console

Krshna and Justin provided traditional beats to spice up the set

Doesn't hurt that Justin's dreadlocks go with the whole music scheme.

There's something about those dreadlocks, they make girls go gaga
I don't know, it's not of my personal preference

"Take lots of pictures of Justin okay!" ordered Miss Laundry
"Erm... heh okay."

"Where's Justin?" asked someone at the recent Rainforest Musicfest
How does she know Justin?
She's not even from the same state 0_o
"Erm... sheesh, how would i know. I don't put a tracker on him -_- "

Musical men in action

Picture a tad blur
Macha, why you move..!

I adore the twinkly lightbulbs Laundry has!
Okay, enough. Stop.

Just because you sit outside doesn't mean the music won't get to you
The speakers there blew us away...

Amir & Nadia

Jade*TheStar and Richard*MalayMail

Big Ben, Su, Julie, Ashley

Vijen & friends

Joachim*Maison & friends

Hani & friends

Keith & Karl Raymond

Cynthia, Phoebe, Pete & Odin

Francois, Trina, friend, Bertand (Good Lord... he's hot. How come i didn't see him >_< )

Moonshine is on this Thursday the 10th!

Featuring Deserters, Brainhead, Zalila Lee, Shelley Leong and Fathulistiwa Soundscapes

Free admission for a Laundry-lovin' night out!


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