Friday, June 23, 2006

music + football fever

it was a contagious night of feet tapping, head bopping (thank you isaac, reza + harmonica guy), spontaneous shouts from the crowds (thanks to the czech republic vs italy match) and a nervous breakdown (no thanks to my camera's dead battery). ~sigh

btw! my name is jiji and i will be your blogger today. i'm actually quite shy to come up to perfect strangers and snap their pictures. so i do apologize if you're not in the photos. its not you, its just me..


it looked like rain on that thursday (the 22nd of june) night. all the world-cuppaholics were sitting outside. the hardcore fans didn't even budge when it began to drizzle (to the dismay of many girlfriends / wives). the crowd inside were eagerly awaiting isaac entry + friends to perform. as i tried my darndest to blend in at the bar, i overheard a funny conversation. "eh nasib baik his mother didn't name him NO. he'd be NO ENTRY hehehe" i had no comment. if i had laughed, they would have known i was eavesdropping.

all i knew and what mattered was the kid's got a good set of pipes. he could really sing. his friends were just as awesome. some girlies moved to the front of the platform and swayed. it was a contagious night of feet tapping and head bopping thanks to isaac + friends.

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now these photos below are courtesy of muid latif's camera which i hijacked. thanks muid!

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hope to catch you at laundry bar soon!



KinkyPugKevin said...

go ji. go ji!

laundry bar said...

Jiji, you are magic!

see you again this thursday.
Don't forget to charge dat camera of yours!

miss laundry

pixie pop said...

yeay jiji!yeay jiji!

dont be shy next time,we've got spaer batteris :)hehe.

jijiisdead said...

kev where kev. where kev?

miss laundry laundry bar's magic! and i bring my charger every where i go now!

pixie pop wahhhh! ok la. i shall look out for you (which is a cute girl with a bag of batteries? am i wrong hahaha)

Anonymous said...

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